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The National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NAFCOC) has commended President Cyril Ramaphosa for appointing renowned political and social commentator, Dr Somadoda Fikeni to head the Public Service Commission.

Dr Fikeni will become the commission’s commissioner for a five-year-term.

NAFCOC President Sabelo Macingwane said that the federation feels that Fikeni’s appointment is one of the inspired appointments made by President Ramaphosa during his term of office.

“We feel that this appointment would instil confidence in the public service, especially after a period where the public service has been “hollowed out” and senior officials have been hounded out and replaced by yes-men and women or loyalists who were/are ready to do the bidding of those in the executive arm of the state. Dr Fikeni has made a name for himself over many years of polished or excellent service to the institutions and agencies he has been associated with,” Macingwane said in a statement on Thursday.

Macingwane said that his federation believes that Fikeni would rise to the occasion and ensure that the commission meets it obligation and promote the efficient performance in the public service, and deal harshly with dead wood and those who are in the public service to enrich themselves, their families and cronies.

“Getting a public service that is led by properly qualified and ethical people can only be good for any country, especially a developing country with unique challenges like those facing South Africa at the moment. We hope that Dr Fikeni will help the commission to promote the good values and principles in public administration, as set out in the Constitution.

“Over the years public services have been used by some of our leaders to deploy people for nefarious reasons that had nothing to do with promoting good public administration. This has led to our people continuously losing confidence in public service and administration,” Macingwane said.

He added that NAFCOC wishes Dr Fikeni well, and hope he will “untangle the web of mediocrity and sense of entitlement prevalent in some parts of public service and administration”.

“We hope that he will set this institution on the path to excellence and thus help put South Africa on par with some of the best run and administered countries in the world,” Macingwane said.

The Public Service Commission plays a critical role in development of this country as it derives its mandate from Sections 195 and 196 of the Constitution.

The Commission is also tasked and empowered to investigate, monitor and evaluate the organisation and administration of the public service.


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