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The National School of Government (NSG) has partnered with the University College London to deliver an executive education programme for senior public sector officials.

The Executive Education Programme forms part of the Framework for Continuing Leadership Engagements for Executive Managers approved by Cabinet in August 2020.

“This partnership for training and development unfolds in the context of people-to-people exchanges with leading institutions in the global South and the global North.

“The blended virtual programme will advance participants’ understanding of the role of the state in driving inclusive and sustainable growth; critically apprising global models of development and governance and taking pragmatic action to addressing core challenges of governance and government reforms,” NSG Principal Busani Ngcaweni said on Wednesday.

The programme is led by the University College London’s (UCL) Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) and convened by acclaimed economist, Professor Mariana Mazzucato. 

In December 2020, the Minister for Public Service and Administration approved the appointment of Professor Mazzucato, IIPP Director, as Senior Fellow of the NSG where among other things, she will bring her teaching and research expertise to enrich the quality of training programmes of the NSG.

The programme is open to both Executive Managers and Members of the Executive across the public sector and organs of state, who wish to receive training on the key theories and practical aspects of building an entrepreneurial state led by ethical, capable and innovative public sector leaders who are enjoined by the Constitution to lead economic growth programmes that are inclusive and impactful.  

“To increase access into this ground-breaking bespoke programme, the NSG has successfully negotiated limited sponsorship from the British High Commission, Old Mutual and Anglo American. Financial assistance will go towards covering part of the fees that participants are paying directly or partly sponsored by their employers,” the NSG said.

Government has prioritised “Building a Capable, Ethical and Developmental State” as a foundational intervention for accelerating inclusive growth.

“The NSG is at the forefront of supporting this national priority, working with domestic and international partners like the University College London,” the NSG said.

Professor Mazzucato delivered the first lecture when the first cohort of 30 students resumed weekly class on Wednesday.


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