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As of 1pm on 5 March, the Western Cape has 3194 active Covid-19 infections with a total of 276 091 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 261 639 recoveries. A total of 16 739 vaccines had been administered by 5pm on 4 March.

Total confirmed COVID-19 cases276 091
Total recoveries261 639
Vaccines administered 16 739
Total deaths11 258
Total active cases (currently infected patients)3194
Tests conducted1350788
Hospitalisations1089 with 233 in ICU or highcare

The Western Cape has recorded 18 additional deaths, bringing the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in the province to 11 258. We send our condolences to their loved ones at this time.

Additional data is available on the Western Cape Covid-19 data dashboard which also features active cases per sub-district, active cases per 100 000 and 7-day moving averages. Access the data dashboard here: https://coronavirus.westerncape.gov.za/covid-19-dashboard(link is external)

1 year since first Covid-19 case in the Western Cape:

Today, we mark a year since the first known case of Covid-19 was reported in South Africa. In the past year, all of our lives have changed- from the way we interact with people to the way that we work. Over 1.5 million people in our country have tested positive for Covid-19 and more than 50 000 people have lost their lives. 

While this year has been a difficult one, we have also seen the triumph of the human spirit. We have seen the heroic deeds of our healthcare workers, people have overcome tremendous odds and we have seen an outpouring of love and care.

We have seen South Africa and the Western Cape’s best and brightest minds work together to study this virus and explore ways to minimise its impact. 

Today, we have the hope of vaccines, that we did not have one year ago. The past year has given us deep grief, but it also gave us hope.

Next week Thursday, we will also mark the anniversary of the first Covid-19 case in the Western Cape.  In those early days, we knew so little about the virus, but we knew from the examples we had seen around the world, that the Western Cape Government had to act to ensure that we could offer appropriate care to those who needed it. 

We acted fast, we innovated and we mounted a world class response.

Today, I would like to remember all of those who have lost their lives over the past year. I would also like to thank all of those who had a hand in responding to this pandemic- our healthcare workers who have been heroes on the frontlines, our police officers, law enforcement, social workers, teachers, those NGOs, businesses and governments who donated time, PPE, food and resources to fighting Covid-19 as well as the humanitarian crisis that has accompanied this pandemic.

As we mark these sombre anniversaries, we must not lose sight of the fact that Covid-19 is still with us- in the Western Cape over 1000 people are currently still in hospital, and we have lost 11 258 lives. We must still do everything we can, every single day to ensure that we protect ourselves and our loved ones so that we can save lives.

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