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Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has distanced herself and the department from the individuals who are allegedly promising military veterans houses in her name or the department.

This follows allegations that Sisulu has sent people in and around Free State to collate names of the military veterans with a promise of giving them houses and relevant benefits.

“The allegation is dismissed with the contempt it deserves,” Sisulu said.

In a statement, Sisulu noted that the department is not responsible for the database of military veterans.

“The Department of Military Veterans (DMV) is the only department responsible for confirming those military veterans who qualify for benefits, including houses, healthcare and training. Therefore, Department of Human Settlements only works on an approved list , as the custodian of the military veterans database,” Sisulu said.

The Minister also underscored that the military veterans housing programme is administered jointly with the DMV, and is based on the agreement with the two departments, signed in 2012.

Sisulu has been a staunch advocate for the well-being of military veterans, even before assuming the portfolio of Human Settlements in 2014.

When she was Defence and Military Veterans Minister, Sisulu worked with the executive and legislatures at the time on the Military Veterans Act 18 of 2011, which resulted in the establishment of the Military Veterans Department.

Sisulu said that during this financial year 2021/2022, the department is set to deliver over 1 500 housing units for military veterans across the country.


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