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The Department of Employment and Labour has called on work seekers in the Nkomazi Municipality to avail themselves for possible work opportunities in the cane cutting farms.

The department’s Public Employment Services (PES) will this week embark on the labour search in the communities in Sibange and Mgobodzi, Masibekela, Sikhwahlane, Ntunda, Madadeni, Langeloop and Buffelspruit.

The department said it will register work seekers on the Employment Services of South Africa (ESSA) database, as well as provide employment counselling.

The objectives of the sessions are to, amongst other things, raise awareness about the PES and the services it offers work seekers free of charge.

The sessions, which will all start at 9am, are scheduled as follows:

Monday: Sibange and Mgobodzi.

Tuesday: Masibekela Old Community Hall.

Wednesday: Sikhwahlane and Ntunda.

Thursday: Madadeni.

Friday: Langeloop and Buffelspruit.

The department encouraged community members to bring along their identity documents.


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