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The Public Service Commission (PSC) has paid tribute to former Chairperson, Professor Stan Sangweni for serving the organisation and the country with distinction.

“Professor Sangweni was appointed to the PSC in 1994 as a Commissioner. He was instrumental in the fundamental redefinition and restructuring of the traditional role of the PSC in 1996,” the PSC said.

The commission has expressed sadness at the passing of Professor Sangweni, who died on Tuesday.  

“The birth of the new PSC in 1999 led to a new era in the public administration in South Africa. Professor Sangweni was appointed the inaugural chairperson of the new PSC in July 1999, a position he held until 30 June 2009,” the PSC said.

The commission said he contributed immensely to the body of work that the PSC produced during that period. These include PSC flagship outputs such as the State of the Public Service Report, Evaluation of Heads of Departments, National Anti-Corruption Hotline (NACH) and Financial Disclosure Framework.

“Professor Sangweni ensured that the PSC’s work and influence extends outside the borders of South Africa. To this end, he was instrumental in the formation of the Association of African Public Service Commissions (AAPSComs) on 09 April 2008 in Kampala, Uganda and served as its inaugural President,” the PSC said.

The purpose of the Association is to collaborate, share experiences and best practices among Public Services Commissions in order to promote good governance and improve service delivery in the public services of the continent. 

“It was under his leadership that the PSC provided technical assistance to the Southern Sudan Civil Service Commission (SSCSC) as the SSCSC strengthened its role in conducting oversight of the civil service in Southern Sudan.

“He certainly earned respect amongst his peers both in the African continent and in South Africa. He has shaped the PSC into a knowledge based organization it is known for today.

“Even after his retirement, Professor Sangweni continued to provide his wisdom to the PSC collective through his participation at the various Strategic Planning Sessions of the PSC,” the commission said.


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