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A new state-of-the-art ICT centre, at the Sekhukhune TVET College in Limpopo, will assist learners with their e-learning and adapt to the needs of learners who are visually impaired.

Higher Education, Science and Innovation Deputy Minister Buti Manamela, together with the MTN Foundation have unveiled the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) centre at Sekhukhune Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College in Motetema, Limpopo.

Sekhukhune TVET College, which provides holistic courses that accommodate learners despite their physical limitations, is the second campus to receive a multimedia centre.

Unveiled on Thursday, the 40-seater workstation is designed to adapt to the needs of learners who are visually impaired. 

Speaking at the launch, Manamela said that having an ICT centre is an opportunity for all students, regardless of their capabilities, to use it effectively so that when they come out, they have not only the qualifications, but exposure.

Manamela noted that COVID-19 has forced the department to change the way they work, and also the way which they learn and teach.

“Last year when President Cyril Ramaphosa announced first lockdown, we were all put in a position where we had to look into ways and means within which we were delivering both learning and teaching in our universities and TVET colleges.

“With the Ministerial Task Team on PSET response to COVID-19, comprised of all stakeholders at PSET sector, we look at how we can best ensure that students, not only survive the academic year 2020, but also we saved the academic itself,” Manamela said.

The Deputy Minister said the pandemic had an impact on PSET and some of the things they should have learnt in that period is working towards integrating students to the PSET system so that they become part of the new normal.

“Ideally, most, if not all, students should have access to technological gadgets, laptops, computers so that learning and teaching becomes easier,” he said, adding that technology played an important role in ensuring that the department delivered learning and teaching to students to wherever they were.

He also urged the students of Sekhukhune TVET College to take care of the new multimedia centre.

“This is quite a generous contribution by MTN and all we want to say is that, let’s make effective use of it, [and] let’s make sure that we get as much out of this as possible. It’s not MTNs and it’s not the DHET property….it’s now your property, which you must hand over to those who will be coming in next year or semester, so you must take care of it,” Manamela said.

MTN Limpopo and Regional General Manager Kagiso Moncho said the foundation is fully committed in connecting the country to modern technology.

“Our passion is to skill the students for the latest technology and hands on work experience,” Moncho said.


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