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North West Premier Professor Job Mokgoro has noted with grave concern the sporadic disruptions in some parts of Mahikeng which caused traffic delays and undue inconveniences to residents on Monday.

Mokgoro said he recognises that citizens have a right to protest but this has to be done within the confines of the law without infringing on the rights of the rest of the citizens.

The Premier said police are currently on the ground and are monitoring the situation on the R503 road (Mahikeng to Lichtenburg) in Dihatshwane village and N18 road (Mahikeng – Vryburg) near Kedirile Inn and Makhubung village, where protesters barricaded the roads with various objects.  

“The police have since managed to disperse protestors at Dihatshwane village and opened the road where traffic is now flowing. In the Mahikeng / Vryburg road near Kedirile Inn, the road has also been opened, including at Makhubung village.

“Barricades are still visible on the road and motorists are urged to exercise caution and to cooperate with the law enforcement officials who are controlling traffic,” Mokgoro said.

Mokgoro urged members of the community not to panic, and to ignore messages doing the rounds on social media platforms inciting and encourage them to embark on what is termed “Total Shutdown of Mahikeng”.   

The Premier has also called on protestors to utilise existing non-violent platforms to raise their concerns and refrain from barricading roads.


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