Bernd Mayländer’s Unique Perspective on the Controversial Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Bernd Mayländer, the safety car driver in Formula 1 since 1999, was present during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021 and witnessed the controversial finale that saw Lewis Hamilton losing his championship title to Max Verstappen in the final lap. Mayländer discussed the incident in a recent interview where he recounted his experience after the race. According to Mayländer, he was bewildered and confused by the turn of events that led to Verstappen’s victory. He even went through the hospitality area with his helmet on and sat down at the back of the port, trying to process what had just happened [8].

The controversy in Abu Dhabi centered around a decision made by the race director, Michael Masi, to deny lapped cars between Hamilton and Verstappen the opportunity to unlap themselves, which ultimately allowed Verstappen to take the lead and win the championship. The FIA later concluded that the decision was the result of human error, but the race result still stands [3].

Mayländer’s perspective as the safety car driver is unique, as he often has the best view of what is happening on the track [1]. While he did not comment on the specific details of the controversy, his experience adds to the complexity of the situation and highlights the impact it had on those involved in the race.

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