South African International Relations Minister Hosts Russian Minister of Natural Resources for Trade and Economic Cooperation Meeting

According to a news report from [1], International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor was expected to host Russia’s Minister of Natural Resources in Pretoria, South Africa, on a particular day. The meeting was scheduled as part of the SA-Russia Joint Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation. Minister Pandor has been vocal on several occasions on South Africa’s approach to the Russia-Ukraine conflict [2][4][8], and has been advocating for a negotiated settlement to end the conflict [9]. Recently, she confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been invited to attend the 15th BRICS summit in South Africa in August [5][7]. Furthermore, Pandor has dismissed the notion that the Russian mercenary organization, Wagner, is the only ‘evil’ actor instigating conflict and called for the international community to scrutinize other private military companies operating on the continent [10].

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