Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton: A Rivalry on the Track and Playful Banter Off It

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton have a history of rivalry and competitive spirit on the track. In recent times, Alonso has made several comments and jokes about Hamilton, providing an interesting dynamic to their relationship.

In one instance, Alonso joked about Hamilton’s ‘surprise’ in their P5 battle during the Bahrain Grand Prix, with Alonso stating that it was great and that there was a lot of respect between them. He acknowledged that it’s never the same when you fight against Lewis, who is considered a legend in the sport [1]. In another scenario, Alonso humorously commented on Hamilton’s performance, saying “now I see he’s a bit lost” [5].

During the Monaco Grand Prix, Alonso jokingly said that keeping the seven-time World Champion Hamilton behind him was “extremely easy” [7]. Alonso has also spoken of his respect for Hamilton and his success in Formula 1 but clarified that given the dominance of Mercedes during the turbo hybrid era, there have been times “when you have only had to…” [8].

However, it is important to note that not all interactions between Alonso and Hamilton have been light-hearted. After a collision at the Belgian Grand Prix, Alonso labeled Hamilton “an idiot” who only knows how to race at the front [3]. Later, Alonso apologized for the comment, saying it was made in the heat of the moment and didn’t reflect his true feelings about Hamilton [4].

In response to Alonso’s various comments, Hamilton has said he has “tried to be really respectful” of Alonso [9]. Overall, the relationship between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton seems to be a mix of respect, rivalry, and playful banter.

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