The Best-Selling Used Cars and Car Brands in South Africa: A Comprehensive Report

In South Africa, the used car market has been thriving, with certain models showing consistent popularity among consumers. Here is a detailed report on the best-selling used cars in the country:

In the previous year, the Volkswagen Polo Vivo was the second most sold used car in South Africa, with an average price of R161,734, an average mileage of 43,123km, and an average year model of 2017 [1]. The Ford Ranger was the top-selling used vehicle in Limpopo, the North West, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, and Gauteng, while the Volkswagen Polo was the most popular used car in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal [2].

In 2020, there were a record 401 million online searches for used cars in South Africa, marking a nearly 40% increase year-on-year [3]. According to data from June, the fastest-selling used vehicle in South Africa was the Volkswagen Polo Vivo, which took an average of just 25 days to sell [6].

For a more recent update on the best-selling cars in South Africa, the top 20 best-selling cars for July 2022 are listed below [5]:

  1. Toyota Urban Cruiser – 1,854 units (Starting price – R274,900)
  2. Ford Ranger – 1,838 units

Please note that the list provided only includes the top two best-selling cars in South Africa for July 2022, as the rest of the top 20 best-selling cars were not provided in the search results.

As for the best-selling car brands in South Africa in January 2022, the top 10 are as follows [7]:

  1. VW – 5,393 units
  2. Suzuki – 3,232 units
  3. Hyundai – 2,668 units
  4. Haval – 2,442 units
  5. Renault – 2,247 units
  6. Nissan – 2,172 units
  7. Ford – 1,639 units
  8. Kia – 1,507 units
  9. Isuzu – 1,433 units

In conclusion, the Volkswagen Polo Vivo and Ford Ranger are among the best-selling used cars in South Africa. The popularity of these models is evident in the number of units sold and the speed at which they are sold in the used car market. Additionally, brands like VW, Suzuki, and Hyundai are some of the best-selling car brands in the country.

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