Eskom’s Ongoing Power Crisis: Rotating Blackouts and Load Shedding Stages 3 to 5

According to recent news reports [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10], Eskom has announced that they will continue to implement Stage 3 and Stage 4 load shedding throughout the weekend and Monday, despite returning two units at Lethabo and Medupi Power Stations to service over the past 24 hours. Eskom stated that Stage 3 will be implemented between 5am and 4pm, while Stage 4 will be implemented from 4pm to 5am. However, on Sunday, Stage 2 load shedding will be implemented between 5am and 4pm, followed by Stage 3.

Eskom reported that a generating unit each at Hendrina and Matimba Power Stations and two units at Matla Power Station were taken offline for repairs over the past 24 hours. The delays in returning a unit to service at Camden, Kriel, and Tutuka power stations have also contributed to capacity constraints. Eskom stated that, by Friday afternoon, unplanned breakdowns at power stations stood at approximately 15,388MW, with a further 7,169MW offline due to planned maintenance. Eskom thanked South Africans who continue to use electricity sparingly and efficiently to alleviate pressure on the power system.

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