Government Calls for Responsible Road Use During Easter Holidays Amid Increased Traffic Volumes

The government is urging all road users to avoid reckless behavior on the roads during the Easter holidays, as traffic volumes are expected to surge. With increased congestion, the risk of accidents and fatalities may also rise.

Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga highlighted the importance of road safety during the holidays, stating that “road safety is a collective responsibility that requires all of us to play our part in appreciating that the road is a shared space and take responsibility for our actions.” The minister’s statement comes in the context of road traffic crashes being the 9th leading cause of death for 15 years in the country, claiming an average of 3.5% of overall deaths during those years[3].

Road user behavior remains a significant contributing factor to road trauma. As such, the government is urging drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to be vigilant and follow road safety rules, in order to ensure the safe and efficient movement of people and goods, which is fundamental to the country’s economic and social prosperity[2].

In addition to encouraging responsible road use, the government is investing in infrastructure interventions to improve road safety. One such example is the Mpumalanga Traffic Training College in Marite, which was opened by the Department of Transport[7]. Moreover, the government is allocating funds to upgrade road infrastructure, as demonstrated by the R4.5 billion allocated for the Moloto Road project across the provinces of Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and Limpopo[5].

As the Easter holidays approach, the government’s message is clear: all road users must prioritize safety and act responsibly, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a safe and accident-free holiday season.

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