Voting Closes at DA Federal Congress: Phalatse and Steenhuisen Vie for Federal Leader Position

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has reached a crucial point in its federal congress, as voting closed earlier this morning [3]. Delegates have cast their ballots to choose between Dr. Mpho Phalatse, the former Johannesburg mayor, and incumbent John Steenhuisen for the position of federal leader [5].

The DA opted for an electronic voting system called OpaVote at their national conference to elect party leaders and expedite the election process [1, 8]. This system was first implemented in 2020 and has been deemed a success, allowing delegates to vote in isolation [1, 9].

The race for the federal leader position is expected to have a significant impact on the party’s trajectory ahead of the 2024 national elections [7]. Both candidates have their own distinct visions for the party, and the outcome of the elections will determine the DA’s direction in the coming years.

Dr. Mpho Phalatse, the former Johannesburg mayor, has a background in public health and has been actively involved in local government [5]. John Steenhuisen, the incumbent federal leader, has been leading the party since 2020 and brings his experience and understanding of the DA’s core values to the table.

As the congress moves forward, the DA is looking to strengthen its position as a key opposition party in South Africa. The new federal leader will be tasked with unifying the party and addressing the challenges it faces leading up to the 2024 national elections. The results of the leadership elections are expected to be announced soon, paving the way for a new chapter in the Democratic Alliance’s history.

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