Closing In on the ‘Facebook Rapist’: South African Police Minister Anticipates Breakthrough in Thabo Bester Manhunt

South African Police Minister Bheki Cele has announced that a significant breakthrough is expected soon in the case of convicted rapist and murderer Thabo Bester [1]. Known as the “Facebook Rapist,” Bester had been on the run following his escape from Bloemfontein prison.

A recent development in the case involved the discovery of a charred body in the same prison, but DNA tests failed to confirm it as Bester’s [1]. Despite this setback, Minister Cele remains confident that progress is being made in the ongoing manhunt, and that the authorities will soon apprehend the fugitive.

While Bheki Cele has faced controversies in the past, including an investigation for corruption and misappropriation of public funds totaling at least R1 billion [7], as well as public outcry over his comments on rape cases in South Africa [2][9], the Minister has also been involved in various crime-fighting initiatives. He has launched campaigns such as the Western Cape’s Safer Festive Season [10] and addressed issues such as gang violence in communities like Sophiatown [8].

As South Africa continues to grapple with high crime rates, the resolution of the Thabo Bester case would be a significant victory for the police force and Minister Cele. The public eagerly awaits further updates on the case and the apprehension of the notorious criminal.

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