Explosion in Ethiopia’s Amhara Region Capital Kills Two Amid Protests Over Security Forces Integration

At least two people have been killed in an explosion in the capital of Ethiopia’s Amhara region [1]. The region has been experiencing days of protests against the integration of local security forces into the national police and army [1].

Members of the Amhara region’s local military and allied militias have expressed opposition to the government’s order to disband and join the federal army or police, leading to days of unrest and protests [1]. The explosion, which resulted in the deaths of two individuals, adds to the ongoing tension and instability in the region.

Further details about the explosion, including the cause and potential perpetrators, have not been provided in the available sources. The incident in the Amhara region comes amid a broader context of violence and unrest in Ethiopia, including summary executions of civilians in the Amhara and Tigray regions [10] and retaliatory attacks between various factions [8].

The Ethiopian government’s efforts to integrate regional security forces into national structures have been met with resistance, and the recent explosion highlights the challenges the country faces in its attempts to achieve stability and unity.

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