Downward Spiral for Chelsea Football Club Since Todd Boehly Takeover

Date: April 13, 2023

Since Todd Boehly’s consortium completed a £4.25bn takeover of Chelsea Football Club in 2022, ending Roman Abramovich’s 19-year ownership [3], the club has experienced a downward spiral. With a spending spree of over £500m since the takeover [1][2], Chelsea’s performance has not been up to par.

Todd Boehly’s ownership has seen Chelsea make numerous signings, totaling to an expenditure of £460m since July 2022 [9]. Despite these investments, the club has not experienced the expected improvement in performance, with some even questioning Boehly’s strategy and decisions [8].

In addition to transfer spending, Boehly has taken control as chairman and overseen transfers during his tenure [6]. However, Chelsea’s downward spiral persists, leading to speculation about the club’s future under Boehly’s ownership.

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