Premier League Clubs Agree to Voluntary Ban on Gambling Shirt Sponsorship

In a groundbreaking move, Premier League clubs have agreed to a voluntary ban on football shirt sponsorship by gambling companies. This decision follows increasing concern over the relationship between sports and gambling, with many calling for action to address potential harm associated with gambling addiction.

The Premier League has been supportive of phasing out gambling sponsors within three years, although 14 of its 20 clubs would need to vote in favor of the proposal for it to be approved [3]. As of now, 10 clubs in the Premier League are currently sponsored by gambling firms [5].

Sky News revealed that the Premier League was seeking clubs’ support for a voluntary ban that would see betting companies disappear from teams’ shirts within the next three years [6]. This move is seen as a response to the House of Lords Select Committee, which has previously called for a ban on betting firms appearing on football shirts [5].

A total of 20 football clubs have signed a letter calling for a ban on gambling shirt sponsors [9]. This comes after a review of the current guidelines, with a white paper set to be published in the coming winter [10].

While the voluntary ban is a significant step forward, some concerns have been raised about the potential financial impact on clubs. Parry, the English Football League (EFL) chairman, estimates that a gambling sponsorship ban would cost the EFL, which is sponsored by Sky Bet, £40m a year in lost revenue. He has warned that the pandemic had left a “£250m hole” in clubs’ finances [8].

Despite these concerns, the voluntary ban on gambling shirt sponsorship marks a notable shift in the relationship between football and the gambling industry. The decision demonstrates a commitment to addressing the potential harms associated with gambling and fostering a more responsible approach to sports sponsorship.

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