Singapore-Registered Oil Tanker Located After Pirate Attack off the Coast of Africa

According to recent news reports, the Singapore-registered oil tanker that was boarded earlier this week off the coast of Africa in an act of piracy has been located [9]. The tanker was reportedly boarded by unidentified persons while it was anchored off the coast of Ivory Coast on April 12, 2023. One Singaporean was among the crew members of the vessel. The incident has raised concerns about the safety and security of commercial vessels in the region.

The tanker is owned by a Singapore-headquartered tanker firm, Hafnia [5]. The company has released a statement saying that it is working with relevant authorities to ensure the safe return of the crew members and the vessel [9]. The incident comes amid increasing reports of piracy and armed robbery against commercial vessels in the Gulf of Guinea, which has been identified as a high-risk area for maritime crime [25].

Further details about the incident and the current status of the tanker have not been released by the authorities. However, the incident is a stark reminder of the security risks faced by commercial vessels operating in high-risk areas. Ship owners and operators are advised to remain vigilant and take all necessary precautions to protect their crew members and assets [9].

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