Pressure Mounts for Arsenal as Team Struggles with Performance and Ownership Issues

Arsenal have faced a challenging season, with mounting pressure on both the team and manager Mikel Arteta. The Gunners have experienced a series of ups and downs, leading to questions about their ability to perform under pressure.

Arsenal’s playing style has been a topic of discussion among football experts, with former Arsenal midfielder Adrian Clarke and ex-Manchester City player Michael Brown discussing the intensity of Arsenal’s game on The Football News Show [1][3]. Concerns about the team’s performance have been heightened by a damning video highlighting Arsenal’s woeful press against Manchester City, which went viral [8].

Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta has previously warned that top players are “cracking” under the strain of a busy schedule, with the intensity and pressure increasing every year [12][13]. Despite these concerns, Arteta has also expressed confidence in his players, stating that the team can perform under pressure, as shown by a sensational away win in Prague to reach the semi-finals of the Europa League [10].

In addition to the pressure on the team, Arsenal’s ownership has also faced scrutiny. Stan Kroenke remains unlikely to sell Arsenal, despite mounting pressure for him to do so [5]. Meanwhile, Arsenal’s transfer dealings have been in the spotlight, with Inter Milan reportedly under pressure to sell Achraf Hakimi, a reported Arsenal target [2].

Arsenal’s performance and ability to handle pressure will continue to be a subject of debate among fans and pundits. With the remainder of the season ahead, it remains to be seen whether the team can rise to the challenge and deliver under pressure.

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