South Africa’s Independent Electoral Commission Announces Voter Registration Drive Ahead of 2024 Elections”

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa has announced that it will hold a voter registration drive on November 18 and 19 this year[15]. The IEC is working diligently to prepare for the country’s upcoming elections in 2023. With time running short, the IEC is encouraging eligible voters to register and update their details during this registration drive to ensure they can participate in the elections and exercise their democratic right to vote.

In a previous voter registration drive, South African citizens showed enthusiasm in registering online through the IEC Voter Portal. The IEC reported a high turnout during the initial two weeks of the online registration process[13]. This upcoming registration drive will provide another opportunity for potential voters who have not yet registered or need to update their information to do so.

Ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date voter roll is essential for a fair and transparent election process. The IEC aims to add at least 500,000 people to the voter roll by the time registrations close this weekend[15]. As South Africa heads to the polls next year, the IEC is focusing on preparing for a successful election by encouraging as many eligible voters as possible to participate in the voter registration drive.

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