Collaboration and Expertise: The Importance of Seeking Help in Running a European Football Club

Yes, it is possible that Todd Boehly, the American billionaire and co-founder of Eldridge Industries, could need the help of people experienced in running an association football club. Boehly and his consortium, including private equity firm Clearlake Capital, acquired Chelsea FC in May 2022 [1][2]. Although he has experience in sports ownership as co-owner of the LA Dodgers [1], running a football club can be different and may require specialized knowledge and expertise.

Chelsea’s performance since Boehly took over has not been up to the fans’ expectations, leading them to demand answers [7]. Boehly has already made several changes in the club, including managerial changes, such as the departure of Graham Potter and appointment of Julian Nagelsmann [8]. However, some articles have suggested that he may have spread himself too thin and could benefit from the help of individuals with more experience in European football [9].

With the club undergoing changes and facing some challenges, it would be beneficial for Todd Boehly to collaborate with experienced football executives or consultants who have a deep understanding of the unique aspects of managing a football club in Europe.

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