Comparing Todd Boehly’s Controversial Decisions as a Football Club Owner to Others in the Industry

It is difficult to provide a direct comparison between Todd Boehly and other football club owners based on the number of bad decisions made in a short space of time. However, there have been other club owners who have made controversial or poor decisions during their tenure.

For instance, Douglas Craig, who was the chairman of York City from 1990-2002, has been criticized for his refusal to sign up to the “Let’s Kick Racism Out of Football” charter and his overall management of the club[11]. Similarly, Dave Allen, the owner of Chesterfield FC, was rated as the worst owner in English football in a fan survey, scoring an overall rating of just 4.47/100[4].

Todd Boehly’s decisions since becoming the owner of Chelsea have been met with some criticism, with former player Jamie Carragher calling the appointment of Graham Potter as the manager a “ridiculous decision”[1]. However, it is essential to acknowledge that football club owners often face scrutiny and criticism for their decisions, and it may be too soon to fully assess the impact of Boehly’s decisions on Chelsea.

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