Drogba Slams New Chelsea Ownership: The Lost Class of the Abramovich Era

Former Chelsea striker and club legend Didier Drogba has criticized the new Chelsea ownership, led by American businessman Todd Boehly, for lacking the class that was evident during Roman Abramovich’s era [1]. Drogba has expressed his disappointment in the changes the new ownership has made, particularly in relation to staff turnover and departures [7].

In an interview with Canal Plus, Drogba said, “I knew this club with a certain class during the Abramovich era, but today I find it lacking” [4]. The Ivorian legend was particularly critical of the decision to let go of longtime staff members, including physiotherapists [2].

Drogba added, “It’s very hard for me to see how they got rid of certain people, for example the physiotherapists, who were there for a very long time. They should go back to the principles and values they had” [4]. The former striker, who scored 157 goals in 341 games for the club, feels that the new ownership is straying from the values that made Chelsea successful during his playing days [8].

This criticism comes after Todd Boehly’s consortium completed a takeover of Chelsea in May, replacing the previous owner Roman Abramovich, who was in charge of the club for 19 years [5]. Since the takeover, Chelsea has undergone significant changes, with Drogba expressing his concern that the club’s principles and values have been lost in the process [13].

Drogba’s comments have added fuel to the ongoing debate over the direction Chelsea is taking under the new ownership. Fans and pundits alike will be watching closely to see how the club responds to the concerns voiced by one of their most iconic and beloved former players.

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