Jamie Carragher’s Criticism of Todd Boehly’s Decision-Making: Is Graham Potter’s Appointment as Chelsea Manager a Reflection of Consistent Bad Decisions?

Yes, it is possible that Jamie Carragher calling the appointment of Graham Potter as the manager a “ridiculous decision” is a true reflection of Todd Boehly’s ability to make consistent bad decisions. Carragher has been critical of Boehly’s decision to appoint Potter as Chelsea’s manager and then sack him after less than seven months [1]. He even went on to say that Chelsea is “the worst-run club in world football” [8].

Carragher’s comments came after Chelsea’s performance under Potter’s management led to a disappointing run, with the team sitting in the eleventh position in the Premier League standings at the time of his sacking [2]. The sacking of Potter could be seen as a reflection of Boehly’s decision-making abilities, considering that Potter was appointed after the sacking of Thomas Tuchel, who had led Chelsea to a Champions League victory [5].

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