Metaphorical Use of ‘Clown’: Examining Criticism of Todd Boehly’s Management of Chelsea Football Club

There is no literal truth to claims that Todd Boehly is a clown, as he is an American businessman and investor, and currently the owner of Chelsea Football Club [20]. However, the term “clown” is used by some Chelsea fans and critics in a metaphorical sense to express their dissatisfaction with his decisions and management of the club [4, 5, 9, 18].

Some of the criticism is directed at his decisions to sack managers like Thomas Tuchel and hire Graham Potter, who was later sacked after just seven months in charge [3]. Fans have also been unhappy with the team’s performance and the club’s overall direction under his ownership [14]. The term “clown” in this context is a derogatory way of expressing dissatisfaction with his management and decisions, rather than a literal description of his profession.

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