The Lightning Cat: Ora’s Powerful Entry into the EV Market

The Lightning Cat is a product of Great Wall Motors’ electric vehicle (EV) brand, Ora, and follows the successful launch of the Funky Cat in various markets[6].

The Lightning Cat was first revealed as a concept at Auto Shanghai on April 21, 2021[14]. It features a stunning, Porsche-like exterior design and is available in four different versions, with prices starting at RMB 189,800 ($25,980) after subsidies[5]. The performance version of the Lightning Cat boasts a dual-motor electric powertrain producing a total of 300 kilowatts (402 horsepower) and 501 pound-feet (680 newton-meters) of torque[13].

The vehicle’s dimensions are 4,870mm in length, 1,860mm in width, and 1,500mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,870mm[12]. The Lightning Cat adopts a frameless door design and features a large rear windshield that extends from the roof to the center of the tail[12].

As part of Ora’s expansion plans, the Lightning Cat is set to join its sibling, the Funky Cat, in the brand’s lineup. The Funky Cat has already made a name for itself as a cute-looking all-electric family hatchback[6] and is available in the UK with prices starting from £30,495 after the UK government plug-in car grant[10]. The Funky Cat comes with a 48kWh battery, offering a claimed range of 310km[4].

Both the Lightning Cat and Funky Cat are part of Ora’s strategy to target the rapidly growing electric vehicle market and compete with established brands like Tesla, Hyundai, and Polestar. The addition of the Lightning Cat to the brand’s lineup demonstrates Ora’s commitment to expanding its range of electric vehicles and making a strong impact in the EV market.

With the Lightning Cat now officially launched and the Funky Cat already gaining popularity, Ora is set to become a prominent player in the electric vehicle industry, offering consumers a variety of stylish and efficient EV options

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