The Tragic Consequences of Pastor Paul Mackenzie Nthenge’s Dangerous Teachings: A Case Study of a Controversial Preacher and Cult Leader

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, a controversial preacher and cult leader, was the head of Good News International Church located in Kilifi, Kenya[1][3][7]. He gained notoriety for allegedly influencing his followers to fast to death as a means to meet Jesus Christ[3][9].

Mackenzie’s dangerous teachings led to multiple deaths among his followers. Four people reportedly died of suspected starvation, while ten others were rescued from the church and sent for treatment[7][19]. An incident report filed at Langobaya Police Station revealed the mysterious deaths of two children linked to Mackenzie, with the parents, Isaac Ngala and Ms. Emily Kaunga, listed as suspects[11].

Mackenzie’s controversial activities caught the attention of the authorities, and he eventually surrendered to the police on April 14, 2023[6]. He was detained for 14 days pending investigations into the deaths of his followers, with his police bond being canceled[2][5].

As the investigation unfolded, detectives discovered 12 shallow graves in Kilifi County, believed to hold the bodies of suspected followers of Mackenzie[12]. They also found an 800-acre parcel of land allegedly belonging to the cult leader, where more graves were discovered[16]. During the operation, four more people were rescued, including a female worshipper[12].

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